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Asphalt Drum Mix Plant

We are an eminent manufacturer and exporter of a huge range of high quality Asphalt Drum Mix Plant, which includes Mechanical Paver Finisher, Four Bin Feeder, Thermodrum Unit, etc. These are manufactured using high grade components, which makes them highly durable in nature. We have given a modular design and an impressive shape to the product and are also convenient to be assembled. Our latest techniques of production makes the Asphalt Drum Mix Plant highly efficient and are known for their low energy consumption. Further, we have kept the environment factor in mind, thus, these are environmentally friendly. With such high qualities our products, these have emerged as one of the most preferred range by a huge base of clients. 

Universal offers stationary & mobile continuous type parallel flow Asphalt Drum Mix Plant for producing quality hotmix for flexible pavement construction.

The ingredients of the hotmix, in required proportion, are continuously fed to the rotating drum in drying & mixing zones and the discharge end of the drum delivers continuous output of the hotmix. The main ingredients of hotmix are virgin cold aggregates of different grades, asphalt (bitumen) and mineral fillers.

The main components of Asphalt Drum Mix Plant are Multiple Cold Aggregate Feeder Bins, Single Deck Scalping Screen, Slinger Conveyor, Rotary Drum, Burner, Load out Conveyor, Asphalt Tank, Mineral Filler Unit, Fuel Service Tank, Wet Scrubber and Control Panel. In the process, the cold aggregates of different grades that are stored in the Multiple feeder bins are transferred in required proportion to the primary section of the rotary drum through slinger conveyor. The burner fitted on the in feed side of the drum produce appropriate flame to remove the moisture from the aggregates and heat the dried aggregates to the desired temperature in the primary section of the drum. The hot aggregates then travel down the secondary section where they are mixed & coated with the asphalt & filler material. The asphalt and filler material are pumped in the secondary section in predetermined proportion from asphalt tank and mineral filler unit respectively. These hotmix from the drum is then transferred to truck through load out conveyor.

The variable drive unit of aggregate feeder bins, asphalt tank pumping unit & mineral filler unit are synchronized with each other and with weighbridge to maintain the proportion of all hotmix ingredients as per set job mix formula.The fuel (LDO / Diesel) to the drum and asphalt tank burner is supplied through pumping unit from service fuel tank. The heavy dust is collected by the multi cone type dust collector and the exhaust is passed through wet scrubber type pollution control unit before letting it to the atmosphere. Asphalt Drum Mix Plant offer advantages of higher production rates, less moving parts, lower maintenance, simple to operate, lower fuel consumption & better economy compared to other design.

Key Features:

  • Low cost
  • Easy operations
  • Reliable And Precise Measurement
  • Space-Saving

Parts of Asphalt Drum Mix Plant:


  • Stores, meters and supply in required proportion different size of cold virgin aggregates for the production process. Cold feed bins are engineered and constructed for maximum durability. They are supported by a heavy duty steel foundation with support gussets, tie ins and stiffeners that lengthens the overall life of the bins. Tapered side walls of bins ensure even flow of aggregates eliminating plugging & bridging problem. Each bin fully adjustable radial gate system in conjunction with variable speed endless multiply feeder belt controls aggregate flow rate and transfers them to the gathering conveyor as per set percentage. Rubber sidings are provided to prevent leakage between bin bottom and belt surface.  Bin vibrator is fitted on one bin for free flow of fines.
  • Multiply rubber belt gathering conveyor running beneath the feeder bins collects the different size aggregated discharged from them and transfers to slinger conveyor through single deck scalping screen. Variable speed drive unit of each bin is synchronized with each other and with asphalt & filler pumping drive and weighbridge load cell to maintain the job mix formula. SCALPING SCREEN:
  • Oversized aggregates from feeder bins are removed by single deck scalping screen before they are fed into drum through slinger conveyor. Fitted at the end of feeder bin gathering conveyor consisting of heavy duty frame with legs and drive unit with eccentric shaft. SLINGER CONVEYOR:
  • Transfers the screened aggregates from the feeder bins to the rotary drum through inlet beneath the burner.
  • Multi ply rubber belting running over idler rollers fixed in stand bolted to robust frame constructed from structural steel.
  • Inclined at 14 -15 degrees.
  • Drive system consisting of TEFC motor and shaft mounted gear box.
  • Uniformly placed idler & return rollers support the belt without any sagging.


  • Cold aggregates fed by slinger conveyor are dried & heated in the primary section and are mixed with asphalt & filler material in the secondary section to produce the quality hotmix which is delivered to load out conveyor.
  • Rotary drum is parallel flow type wherein burner is fitted on the cold aggregate input side and discharge chamber, dust collector & exhaust system is fitted on the hotmix output side.
  • The whole unit is mounted on sturdy & robust frame fabricated from structural steels like heavy duty I-beams & channels.
  • The drum is driven by heavy duty chain and the drive unit consists of worm reducer coupled with TEFC motor to obtain the optimum shell RPM, resulting in the best fuel efficiency.
  • Precisely machined and surface hardened trunnion rollers mounted on heavy duty roller bearings permits the adjustment for drum uphill & downhill movement.
  • Precisely machined and surface hardened thrust rollers mounted on heavy duty thrust bearing are installed against the tire to take care of the uphill or downhill thrust.
  • The drum is insulated with cera wool and covered by stainless steel for higher fuel efficiency.
  • High efficiency lifters are engineered to provide the best efficiency available for direct fired aggregate drying. Lifter arrangements provide a complete dense veil across the burner flame within the dryer resulting in high efficiency heat transfer.
  • Discharge chute is having replaceable liner plates to take care of wear & tear in longer runs. Primary multi cone type dust collector fitted on the same frame in line with the rotary drum traps the heavy dust particles escaping with the exhaust.
  • Exhaust system consisting of blower & stacks are either installed on the same frame adjacent to dust collector or installed on the bedframe of Wet Scrubber.


  • Produces the required flame through proper air fuel ratio and builds the necessary temperature inside the drum for drying and heating of the aggregates.
  • It is of two stage type, high and low pressure jet type automatic burner fitted on the aggregate in feed side.
  • It is installed on the drum bed frame and consists of high pressure blowers, solenoid oil valves, air valves, air damper with piston.
  •  Suitable for LDO / Diesel as fuel.
  • Designed to give high efficiency.
  • The air fuel ratio is adjusted electronically. The burner is supplied with remote igniter and is controlled either manually or automatically. LOAD OUT CONVEYOR:
  • Transfers the hotmix output received for the drum directly to the truck or storage silo.
  • Special Heat Resistant Multi ply rubber belting running over idler rollers fixed in stand bolted to robust frame constructed from structural steel.
  • Inclined at 22 -24 degrees.
  • Drive system consisting of TEFC motor and shaft mounted gear box.
  • Uniformly placed idler & return rollers support the belt without any sagging.
  • Spring loaded scrapper blade is installed to scrap the hotmix material sticking the belt.
  • Gob hopper fitted at the discharge end of the conveyor is with hydraulically operated gates as per set timers to deliver the hotmix in lump & avoiding segregation.
  • Power pack unit is provided for operating the gates of the gob hopper.


  • Stores, meters and delivers the asphalt in required proportion to the mixing section of the drum. Asphalt is sprayed uniformly in the mixing zone for accurate coating on aggregates.
  • Cera wool insulated tank of adequate capacity with provision of coupling the auxiliary / additional storage tank.
  • Flue tube designed for optimum surface area to affect necessary heat transfer.
  • Asphalt pumping station consisting of positive displacement type jacketed asphalt pump coupled with variable speed drive unit.
  • Hot oil jacketed delivery & return lines for smooth functioning.
  • Automatic burner suitable for LDO / Diesel fuel.
  • Variable speed drive is synchronized with the variable speed drives of each feeder bin, mineral filler unit and weighbridge load cell to deliver exact percentage of asphalt in the mix material and to meet the job mix formula.


  • Stores, meters & delivers the mineral filler material in required proportion to the mixing section of the drum.
  • Adequate capacity filler hopper for storing the mineral filler material.
  • Filler material is conveyed pneumatically by compressor / blower into the mixing section of the drum.
  • Rotary valve controlling the flow rate of the filler material is coupled with the variable speed drive unit to meter the filler material.
  • Variable speed drive is synchronized with the variable speed drives of each feeder bin, asphalt pump and weighbridge load cell to deliver exact percentage of filler material in the mix and to meet the job mix formula.
  • Filler unit can also be used to recycle the dust, gathered from primary dust collector, into the mixing zone.


  • Stores the fuel (LDO/ Diesel) and supplies the dryer and asphalt tank burners at required pressure by fuel pumping station.
  • Pollution control unit that absorbs & traps the hazardous gases and dust particles escaping along with the exhaust gases.
  • Venturi and nozzles designed to create the necessary fog of water for absorbing the gases and dust.


  • It is centralized control panel from where all the operations of the asphalt drum mix plant components are controlled.
  • The body of the panel is fabricated from CRC sheet duly Powder Coated to protect against weather effect.
  • It is equipped with the emergency stops, on / off buttons, selector switches, riders, volt meters, current meters, totalizer on the front desk with ease access to operator in logical manner.
  • Other electrical items like MCB, fuses, drives, interlocks, starters etc. are housed on the rear side of the panel.
  • Totalizer displays all the set parameters like aggregate percentage, asphalt percentage, filler percentage, asphalt & filler flow in kg/min., asphalt temperature, hotmix output, hotmix output temperature etc.